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Bokso pirštinės RDX FL4 Floral 10oz

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Bokso pirštinės RDX FL4 Floral 10oz

Pristatymo terminas: 1-3d.d

Prekės kodas: RDX/BGR-FL4

Įprasta kaina: 44,99 €

Akcijinė kaina: 28,95 €

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Bokso pirštinės RDX FL4 Floral 10oz

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Bokso pirštinės sukurtos moterims su gėlių raštu. Šios bokso pirštinės yra rankų darbo, su specialiu pasiuvimu, kuris palaiko nykščio vietą. Dar svarbiau, kad šios sparingo pirštinės sukurtos taip, kad atitiktų moteriškas rankas.

The ladies boxing gloves feature an elegant floral print that pairs well with classic RDX craftsmanship. These boxing gloves are handmade with an RDX-special Flora Skin exterior that features an anti-thumbing lock that keeps the thumb in place. More importantly, these sparring gloves are designed to fit female hands and effectively cater female bone density. The EVA-LUTION foam gel padding is super effective for shock absorption. The Dazzle Fabric interior and SSP Ventilation System work together to keep the hand dry, cool and ventilated. These women’s training gloves offer unbeatable shock resistance. The suede-sheathed palm with nylon piping at the cuff provides comfortable friction-free wear that won’t scuff the skin. The wide cuffs and hook-and-loop fastening, aim to deliver advanced protection for thinner wrists.(8OZ & 10OZ RECOMMENDED FOR UPTO 14 YEARS OF AGE)

  • Handmade, washable Flora Skin exterior with anti-thumbing lock
  • Anatomically cut and stitched to support female fists
  • Dazzle Fabric interior with SSP Ventilation System for complementary ventilation
  • EVA-LUTION foam padding, suede-sheathed palm with nylon piping
  • Wide cuffs with hook-and-loop fastening system
Prekės kodas RDX/BGR-FL4
Gamintojas RDX
Spalva Pilka
Medžiaga Sintetinė oda
Svoris 10 oz
Pristatymas 1-3d.d